Art Jewelry is a personal luxuiry that fills the spirit and gladdens the heart of the wearer in an extraordinary way. The quality of a piece depends largely on the intent of the creator while the piece is being designed and made.  While technical expertise is essential, the thing that separates Art Jewelry from other jewelry is the active infusion of the artist's spirit and unique perceptions at every step in the process of creation.  An Art Jewelry piece is infused with the artists's own life force, expressed in a signature rhythm, that is imbued with the artist's creative pulse.  The result is an original piece of wearable art in which the artist's voice can be clearly heard, felt and recognized.

Each of my pieces reflect facets of my own individual perception of the world and the journey I am experiencing as a part of that world, at this time in history.  In a way, I am a conduit for archetypal energies to flow through and manifest themselves.  When a client finds a piece that reflects and speaks their unique percetions and experience of the world, we share a very special sort of artistic communion.

The materials used in each piece are chosen to best communicate the insight and energy that inspired the piece. Sometimes precious, sometimes mundane, each element used adds to the overall look and feel of the Art Jewelry being created, and is an essential part of the whole.  Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, 18k Gold, and Bronze are the metals I use most often in my Art Jewelry, but Platinum and Copper are occassionally used in a piece when the design demands it.  Vermeill is also used where it is appropriate to the overall harmony of a piece.  Fine quality and rare Gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, are an integral part of many of the pieces I create.  

Sculpture and Sculpture-to-Wear are also important creative expressions of my vision as an artist.  Each piece dictates how it is best expressed in three dimensional form, sometimes as jewelry, sometimes as sculpture.  

Antigone - Bronze and Gesso

Antigone is a limited edition bronze depicting the essential forces at work in Sophocles' classical play of the same name. This wearable sculpture is a homage to the timelessness of courage and the strength and nobility of a life lived in loyalty to what is just.   

My studios are located in northern California, where the golden hills and rolling waves are a constant source of inspiration to me. Their flow and solid, healing energy is reflected in everything I create.  I do not do custom work and prefer to follow my own Muse and let the client discover a piece among the treasures I have created, that speaks to the deepest parts of themselves and is congruent with their core hopes, visions and values. 


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